We always define our success by your results

Client Testimonials

We always define our success by your results

Client Testimonials

by rainmakercoaching

Careful attentiveness, rigorous joy, and skillful directness

Fran moderated a 2-day workshop that directly addressed arguably some of the most challenging and controversial issues in [our organization] today with implications for [our] long term success. …This workshop was by far the most ambitious in scope of any of those that I have experienced in 15 years of public service leadership. Fran met the challenge with careful attentiveness, rigorous joy, and skillful directness. In the space that Fran’s facilitation created, participants brought their humble best to the controversies at hand. As a direct result, [we are] well positioned to address organizational challenges with a newfound measure of ease, grace and momentum.


“Fran’s facilitation style is extraordinary; her clarity in presenting the core materials and ability to create a safe space for the participants to interact and explore each other’s qualities and needs was incredible. Everyone had a chance to be both heard and to respectfully listen to one another. A pretty rate dynamic was achieved.”

High energy and spunk

Fran has high energy and spunk and brings a vibrant personality to the group. Not only does she have the personality, she also has the tools to engage on a human perspective and incorporates a compassionate heart into her sessions while streamlining a clear path to success.

Outstanding job

“Fran was able to sense the needs of the group and made adjustments. She confirmed these recommendations prior to pivoting from the original intent. Fran was very aware of group dynamics and did an outstanding job of navigating these dynamics. Fran provided techniques which can be employed by the group.”

A customized approach

Fran brings knowledge of many types of meetings, facilitation tools, etc. and can customize the best approach for each circumstance, and makes the meeting time enjoyable by asking each participant to bring their full humanity to the discussion.

Engaging, humorous, and upbeat

Fran’s facilitation was a fantastic benefit to our gathering. She kept us moving without being overbearing, was engaging, humorous, and upbeat without being facetious or fake, was clearly organized and up for the significance of the challenge we presented. She fielded questions and critiques well, showed flexibility in adapting the agenda as the groups’ needs evolved and changed, and deferred to those around her when appropriate. She invited equal involvement and voices into the conversation, sought real-time feedback on processes and timelines, and above all was gracious, appreciative, welcoming, understanding, and real pleasure to work with!

Incredible insight

Fran was incredibly engaged throughout [our] project. She continued to find ways to increase opportunities for success throughout the planning stage and during the meeting itself. She was flexible and made adjustments to the agenda as needed and showed incredible insight into how and why these changes were critical for us to achieve our desired outcomes.

Beyond expectations

Fran is a highly intelligent and effective facilitator. Your group will be inspired to do great things and accomplish beyond expectations.