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Rainmaker Coaching, LLC, was founded by Frances VanHouten who continues to lead the charge and bring insight to leaders of teams in the U.S. and Europe. Described as a “sparkplug,” her work is characterized by a direct and energetic style that keeps people on their toes and teams excelling to new heights. Discover

“We sell insight.” We help bring the wisdom, talent, and creativity that resides in people and groups to the surface. We inspire individuals to find “ah-ha” moments. Our work doesn’t call for dangling from ropes. Expect a mix of virtual group work and individualized work in dialogue and reflection. Discover

“Fran has high energy and spunk and brings a vibrant personality to the group. Not only does she have the personality, she also has the tools to engage on a human perspective and incorporates a compassionate heart into her sessions while streamlining a clear path to success.” Read more testimonials

We Sell Insight.

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