Our Approach

Our Approach

by rainmakercoaching
Our work doesn’t call for falling off ladders or dangling from ropes. Our emphasis is based in dialogue and reflection. Expect a mix of large group, small group and individualized work — adult learning principles in action.

Direct Approach

“You really made me think” is a common participant refrain and may be the result of us moving beyond the most surface (and polite) layer of conversation to depths and dimensions that surface new ideas, challenges and insights. Some participants have commented on our “direct” and “outcome-driven” approach. This is probably a reflection of our problem-solving tendencies and goal-focused personalities.

Reaction to Our Work

When we ask our clients what they would tell their friends about our work, they said:

  • “gets the job done”
  • “professional, dynamic and organized”
  • “kept us on track”
  • “be prepared to laugh”
  • “surfaced important insights”
  • “don’t expect to just sit and listen, you have to think and understand and apply this stuff.”

Highly Adaptive

We are highly adaptive, calling on the work of scholars and practitioners from all ages, disciplines and geographies. Our ever growing tool-kit is maintained through continual professional development through association with the International Association of Facilitators, the American Society for Training and Development, and the Association for Conflict Resolution.