Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

by rainmakercoaching

Regardless of the strategic framework, you can be assured we will capitalize on the collective brain-trust which will allow even the most seasoned leader to think in new and creative ways.

Over the years the enthusiasm surrounding strategic planning has waxed and waned. Unchanged has been the importance of understanding:

  • the common goal,
  • the thinking behind that goal and
  • the capacities and capabilities needed to achieve it

Our approach to these conversations varies with the needs of our clients. For some the tried-and-true objectives, goals and strategies work best. For others the creation of simple strategic rules is a better fit. In some cases it’s a blend of the two. Whatever the approach, it is designed and delivered with the unique needs of your organization in mind.

“A mind that is expanded by a new idea will never go back to its original dimension.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes