Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations

Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations

by rainmakercoaching

Multi-stakeholder collaborations are tasked with challenges, problems or opportunities that individual groups or organizations cannot achieve alone.  While each participant may espouse the need for a common decision or shared direction, an internal scorecard is often used to calculate the costs or benefits to one’s individual circumstance.  By their nature, multi-stakeholder collaborations are shaped by a rich and dynamic world of hidden forces, elements of which may include:

  • Multiple (and sometimes changing) interests
  • Diverse levels of knowledge and experience
  • Inter-stakeholder history
  • Unexpressed assumptions and expectations
  • Gender or cultural differences
  • Different communication styles, skills and levels-of-comfort
  • Unequal access to information (silos)
  • Established decision making roles and practices

In these circumstances, we use a dialogue-based approach that builds a climate of  inquiry, respect and creativity.  We have found that with these conditions established transforming things take place.

“The challenge of every organization is not build a feeling of oneness, of dependence on on another… because the question is usually not how well each person works, but how well they work together.”

— Vince Lombardi