Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

by rainmakercoaching

If you happened to have read the preceding page (on Multi-stakeholder collaborations) then you will likely recognize that public involvement and collaboration is just a larger, often more complex form of multi-stakeholder collaboration. It is within this context that desired objectives, meeting processes and facilitative approaches are most critical.

In a spirit of respect, candor and in an effort to help you find the right facilitator, there is something you should know. Over the years we have found that some organizations invite public participation as a means of complying with some external directive or as a bold checkmark in a long list of things that must be done. Frankly, for some it’s a necessary evil.

If you choose to work with us and you are of the “necessary evil” mindset, you will likely find us nudging you to move past simple compliance to create something that has the potential to be great.

This may not be what you want, and we thought you should know.